There is an AI revolution in progress: here is a comprehensive picture – International Institute for Strategic Research and Training (IISRT)

There is an AI revolution in progress: here is a comprehensive picture

AI transformational benefit over the next 3 to 5 years Generative AI will Reach
Transformational Benefit in the Next 2 to 5 years, Gartner Report (

CEO Says This Is Worth 12
Amazons (

AI as a tidal wave as big as the Internet: Microsoft CEO Says AI Is a Tidal
Wave as Big as the Internet (


Bill Gates AI and education: Bill Gates sees A.I. as a win-win for education: It will make
you a better essay writer and feed an ‘infinite’ need for teachers (

Adobe and Firefly:

AI and Cybersecurity: What AI could mean for
cybersecurity (

Arista Networks: Arista Networks: The Unsung Hero
Of The AI Revolution (

Palantir technologies: This Company Is Quickly Becoming
a Leader in AI — and Its Not Nvidia, Alphabet, or Microsoft (

AI tool to select web sites:  Google Will Expand Generative AI
Tool to Select Websites (

Companies are making attractive offer for AI talent: Companies like Amazon, Netflix,
and Meta are paying salaries as high as $900,000 to attract generative AI
talent (

Google Deepmind:

Microsoft King of AI software and services: Microsoft: King Of AI In
Software And Services (

Companies participating in the generative AI revolution: ChatGPT List Details – MSN Money

From OpenAI To Stripe,
Artificial Intelligence Is Remaking The Cloud (

Businesses Prepare for the
Onslaught of AI-Dominated Jobs On the Horizon (

The Rise of AI Algorithms – Why
Machines Outperform Human Traders in Diversifying Portfolios (

Thematic Watchlist Idea: Deep
Learning List Details – MSN Money

AI and machine learning in
finance List Details – MSN Money

ChatGPT List Details – MSN Money

Discourse on the Promises and
Perils of AI Potential and Ethical Dilemmas Gains Momentum (

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang says the
computer is about to be reinvented (

7 ways generative AI is bringing
bionic business to manufacturing (

IBM: IBM describes analog AI chip
that might displace power-hungry GPUs (

AI and data analytics: How AI is disrupting data
analytics (

The winners and losers of the AI Revolution: AI Growth Stocks List Details –
MSN Money

From robotics to nanotechnologies: Thematic Watchlist Idea: Fourth
Industrial Revolution List Details – MSN Money

Leading robotics companies: Future of Robotics List Details
– MSN Money

Industrial automation: Thematic Watchlist Idea: Automation
List Details – MSN Money

Quantum computing : Thematic Watchlist Idea: Quantum
Computing List Details – MSN Money

AI and social media: The Rise Of AI-Generated
Influencers: A New Era In Social Media? (

AI and education of financial leaders: How AI is Shaping the Education
of Future Financial Leaders (


AI and jobs

Almost Half of Americans Are
Worried AI Will Affect Their Job: Poll (

AI Is Coming For Your Jobs Â
Anyone Who Says Otherwise Is In Denial. Here’s How You Can Embrace AI to Avoid
Being Left Behind. (

The AI boom will wipe out jobs Â
and there’s not really much we can do about it, Paul Krugman says (

Krugman is right. But this has been the case in several technological
revolutions which occurred before. Think of word processing. Yes, many jobs disappeared,
in fact over time could be considered to have become obsolete



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