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International Sharing of Knowledge

   Promoting socio-economic development in the world: 3) INTERNATIONAL SHARING OF KNOWLEDGE

There has been and there is a lot of debate on globalism and globalization, internationalization, supra nationalization, perhaps time has come to consider coalescence which is the reality of what the world is about today and as it is shaping up for the future. Click here to visit the coalescence website.


Learn from the United Nations University UNU

There is no doubt that education is the key to progress in all human endeavors. The convergence of computer and communication technologies have opened many horizons, one of the most significant of which is e-learning. Educational institutions are reaching out to make learning as easy and convenient as possible in a world-wide setting unimaginable a few years back. How many of us would think it is possible to attend courses at MIT? A few. Now MIT is reaching out to us leaders, managers, scholars anywhere we are in the world. Free Online Course Materials | MIT OpenCourseWare News and information on the project to make the course materials used in the teaching of virtually all of MIT’s courses available on the Web, free of charge

Entrepreneurship (business development)

OWARISH (technology: Organizing Web Advancement Research Including SystemHosting)  

CES 202x:

Mobile World Congress

Educational planning

Promoting democracy in the world through education




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