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Leaders Dealing with Key International Issues

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Israeli-Palestinian question remains on the international agenda. It should be recalled that Marthi Ahtisaari, former USG at the UN and head of state and Nobel prize winner stated that this question could be resolved by diplomatic means.
 the Middle East
 United Nations and the Middle East
 “I believe a massive and united international effort is required to help Palestinians achieve statehood and Israel and Palestine to live side by side in peace and security. I am more determined than ever to see this achieved” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at press conferencein Gaza – 20 January 2009
 United Nations Peacekeeping:  Challenges Obtaining Needed Resources Could Limit Further Large Deployments and Should Be Addressed in U.S. Reports to Congress.  GAO-09-142, December 18, 2008.
Highlights – http://www.gao.gov/highlights/d09142high.pdf