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Strategic info for government and business leaders

2018 the Trump Administration faces many challenges both in the national and international contexts.The US economy is doing well and may even do better with the tax cuts on companies under implementation; unemployment went way down but there is the looming problem of those who cannot find jobs. US Federal Reserve is monitoring the situation and will probably increase its discount rate again. US politics perhaps more colorful than usual. Immigration has become a major problem. Racial issues not going away. The world: US questioning trade agreements with other countries and groups including NAFTA. Challenges: North Korea; Syria. US-Russia relations need improvement; US-China needs constructive dialogue. Leadership (of public and private sectors) at national and international levels: crucial for the handling of national and international issues. Strategic leadership web site is being redesigned and in fact may be converted to a blog to foster dialogue, go to

US and China are entering a new era of economic cooperation. Cooperation of US and Russia is facing challenges.

Update on the job situation

Revisiting the job creation process: food for thought or agenda for action

Note: The ADP National Employment Report is available at

Specifics of job creation process

New analysis may provide a better basis for job creation

STEM Solutions National Conference

Economic development has to be seen in the international context World Economic Forum, Davos

US keeping up with the digitalization revolution going on

 Economic growth is the way ahead. The business sector is likely to keep on growing in 2018. US Cuba relations on the back burner. There are ideas about giving another boost to manufacturing in the US; the service sector keeps on growing. The small business sector has also been growing. There is a need for strategic thinking and action for the US to keep its lead.
 Job opportunities: There are jobs in several parts of the US, in government entities and in private sector organizations/companies; there are interesting jobs overseas.   This is a listing with related web sites;  IISRT will keep on adding to this listing and updating job information; good luck.
 Government jobs  Peace Corps jobs  UNDP jobs  UNV
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Wal Mart


New York


International Red Cross:



 Teaching English overseas: do a Google search with key words teaching English overseas, then browse for specific jobs  Catholic Charities: do a Google search with key words Catholic Charities, then browse for jobs   US News and World Report has done a very useful compilation on best careers 201x:



 Ed Tech and Economic Growth
 Briefing in economics: Strategy for the US to retain/regain its economic lead
 Forward looking approach: The US should improve its relationships (public and private) with the Central and Latin American as well as Caribbean countries for mutual benefits; the US has improved relations with Cuba and the new dialogue should be productive.