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The Fundamentals

Multitasking and priority setting

Practically, all jobs require us to do several things albeit do multitasking, in other words, engage in several sets of activities which can be undertaken concurrently. Obviously some juggling is needed, handling several balls making sure not to drop any ball which would be a disaster. On the other hands, there are tasks where we could set priorities based on urgency and criticality.

The following study helps us think through multitasking, in the light of which to become more realistic about what multitasking can do and perhaps to concentrate more on priority setting may be even more important.

On the other hand, with careful strategies, multitasking can work:

In light of the foregoing considerations, priority setting may be even more important.

Four methods:

Priority setting exercise:


(note: those are the tools which will put you ahead of the ‘game’ and keep you ahead always)

Be adequately informed by relevant info outside and inside a particular organization; not to be swamped by info overload in the age of too much info; scan quickly and determine relevancies to concentrate on

Lateral thinking (get involved in mental gymnastics albeit mental weight lifting):

Enlightenment (build up your reasoning power; use the scientific approach)…1.0..2.103.3076.50j1……0….1..gws-wiz…..6..0i131i20i264.y0fj_Fz26GM

Enlightenment Now (even more important in the 21st century)

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Strategic planning (how to be ahead of the ‘game’)


Mixed scanning model (Amitai Etzioni)